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Owners/Management doing payroll themselves
Beats the cost of using management time that’s better spent on more important duties.

Clients with tax penalties
Avoid late filings/payments or inaccuracies that can eat into profits

Confidentiality is a concern
Makes controlling access to sensitive records easier, by taking the payroll function out of the workplace.

New business or employer’s hiring new employees
Let us take care of the hassle of setting up all the required accounts and forms.

Questions to ask when choosing a payroll service:

  1. Who is your provider’s consistent contact person?
  2. Does that person control the processing or is he/she a customer service rep that simply passes along messages?
  3. Are those processing your payroll current on tax laws and local tax issues?
  4. Is the service flexible enough to meet special needs that might arise?
  5. Is the quoted cost comprehensive, or are there hidden charges, e.g. W2’s, quarterly preparation, year end reconciliation, multiple localities, or workers compensation or management reports?

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