5 Star Payroll

5 Star Time Keeper is an online electronic time and attendance solution for businesses of any size. Our Time Keeper offers the convenience of web-based access and the familiarity of a conventional time clock for ease of data collection. Even better, because 5 Star Time Keeper is an online solution, there is no software to install or maintain.

Why Choose 5 Star Time Keeper?

  • We will train you in minutes
  • Go live in days, not weeks
  • Save on Costs
  • Plug and Play hardware
  • Streamline time keeping and Payroll
  • Practical time keeping solution
  • Great features that are easy to use

Reasons To Get A Time Keeping System:

  • Reduce the time it takes to process payroll
  • Minimize human and payroll errors
  • Eliminate “Buddy Punching”
  • Increase employee accountability & production
  • Stay compliant with Department of Labor

CLICK HERE and visit our 5 Star TIME KEEPER WEBSITE and learn more about our offers and access the FREE DEMO

We offer numerous convenient and affordable ways to collect employee data, including an employee PIN, badge swipe, proximity card or key fob, finger print or hand geometry biometrics, over the telephone, or through a web/mobile browser.